For the Creative Mind

Sometimes bring a creative person means being a person who moves by inspirations… you find yourself falling in and out of love with what you do. Searching for the next inspiring thing or words that will motivate you to keep going… that one picture on Instagram that will force you in to your beauty room to recreate. As for myself as a makeup artist, I tend to look for change more than consistency if that makes sense. Something new… something that challenges me… that one thing that will catapult me to the next level! With growth I’ve learned to find balance in this chaotic artistic mind of mine. I’ve learned to pace my self with patience…to perfect my craft… plan for the next level by strategically setting goals just as you would in any other career.

Sooooo, with that being said I’ve decided to be that inspiration to myself and hopefully others by starting a beauty blog for the artistic, unbalanced mind! With weekly blogs about beauty tips and tricks, up to date trends and products as well as motivating reads to help push you through those uninspired moments. I hope this helps. Talk to you soon!

Oncue Makeup is elegantly fueled by the passion to enhance hearts, embrace ALL beauty, and encourage a healthy dose of confidence! “Let The Star In YOU Shine”


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